At the center of a div: my programming journey thus far

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Hi there, I'm Irhose Apori and I'm a developing front-end developer(pun forcefully intended). I love to write, share my knowledge and I'm a tellurian, like you. I want to share my experience so far with learning to code.

I started learning programming a few months ago on a whim. And as is the way with whims, I didn't expect it to last. My situation was made more challenging by the fact that I didn't have a laptop, but I had a really dependable phone. So I set out to the play store to shop for apps - after googling "how to learn web design". I found the world-famous w3schools and began attending there. So, I started with HTML tutorials which seemed really interesting, then - if you're a programmer you can probably guess my next challenge - I realised that I needed to practice what I was learning, on a text editor. In-between laughing at programming memes "programemes" and reading articles on web-designing, I already began to feel a tad discouraged, believing that there weren't any good enough text editors for android. Then I googled "text editors for phones". On the list I found, the ones I'd recommend are "spck editor", "quoda" and "quickedit", in descending order of efficiency. And that's how it began! My "phone pressing" habit received a nitrous boost as I painstakingly learned to code with my phone.


After about a month, I came up with this. I've never been more convinced of the truth in the saying "you never know what you're capable of until you try", than I am now. Creating that website made me happy and more importantly, it exposed me to the endless possibilities of coding and the obvious need for me to get a laptop. And the fact that I was able to create something with my phone, albeit rudimentary, was a great morale boost. I showed it to a few of my friends in the programming world and they were and have been very encouraging. They pointed me in the right direction - udemy courses, freecodecamp, youtube videos, and the power of googling problems - and urged me to get a laptop." Fast forward to now, I have a laptop, I'm still as excited as ever about coding and I'm still learning and discovering new things daily(something I hear will never end). Most importantly, I'm beginning a career path in programming and I can center a div!

800x800 cad.png

I'll end with some words of encouragement: Whatever it is that you may want to learn or become, break it down into the maximum achievable bit allowed by your current level of resources and build up from there. Don't let the fear of the full picture discourage you, start with the tiny pixels and gradually and diligently work your way up to maximum resolution! Again, pun intended, lol.

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Ebidein Tantua's photo

So true! Step by step movement helps us be grateful for our wins while aiming higher, thanks for this! I absolutely loved it!